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The Archmage Tower


THE ARCHMAGE TOWER is a Smart Book, which is a completely new reading experience with Augmented Reality and associated free app. 


Here you must help the Masters of the Circle of Power fight the Soul Magic controlled by the evil wizard Nexus.

You are the First Apprentice of the Fire Master and you have gone to the Archmage's Tower together to take on Nexus. Along the way of the story, you must collect magical forms and items that can help you in this battle.

The Archmage's Tower gives Nexus control over magic, so you must try to change the tower's magic symbols to have a better chance against the Soulmaster.

You meet funny wizards and exciting challenges that give you a completely new and different reading experience.

The book is aimed at 8-13 year old readers and their parents. 

A free app is included, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple's Appstore.

9-13 years

112 pages

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