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The Wonder Sword

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WONDER SWORD is a Smart Book, which is a completely new reading experience with Augmented Reality and associated free app. 

In the fourth book in the Smart Book series, you are a Swordsman. Your trusty sword tragically breaks, and now you're on the hunt for the powerful sword the Wonder Sword.


During the book, however, you have to fight creatures, solve puzzles and tasks to progress, and you get the opportunity to collect and build your own sword to fight against your opponents. 

The book is a "you are the hero" book, which means you choose how you read the chapters in the book. 

The reading experience is made digital with the associated app "Wondersword", which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple's Appstore.

The book is aimed at 8-13 year old readers and their parents. 

System Requirements: iOS 13.0 for Apple Devices and Android 10 to view the app on the Google Play store.

8-13 years

148 pages

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