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YOU are the hero in the books and you choose 
the way through the adventures.


You get more than just a book!
You get an extraordinary reading experience!


A magical reading experience

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Our mission is to create a greater desire for reading in children. 
Therefore we publish interactive books using augmented reality, 

which combines good stories with games.

We call it Smart Books.


You can make
the drawings
come to life!


What is a Smart Book?

Vores bøger

Review of the Wonder Sword

Jønsson and Jensen's series has always been full of good ideas, wrapped in a fun and attractive presentation. That hasn't changed with this book, where many previous ideas are taken to a new level, and where the accompanying app really makes it all work. It's a fantastically good experience for anyone who likes the "You're the main character" genre, and above all it's fun - really unforced fun - also for the adult fellow reader

Lecturer opinion, Danish Library Center

Important to motivate
children to read

"We must motivate the children to read more. That means involve them actively and make reading more fun and exciting. I am absolutely sure that this can give the children the desire to immerse themselves".

 Søren Jønsson, Creator of Peasoup

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